Department of Health

The Erie County Department of Health aims to preserve, promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of Erie County’s residents as well as their environment.

Director Melissa Lyon and her team embrace their role as leaders in public health, promoting not just whole-body health but whole-community health.

The Department of Health, which operates as part of the county executive’s team under the director of administration, has several divisions – including Community Health, Health Promotion and Public Health Preparedness – that work in concert to promote the overall health of Erie County.

The department works to prevent the spread of communicable disease in the community, which includes efforts to educate the public about STDs, to promote immunizations for diseases like influenza and shingles, and to work with Erie’s refugee population.

The department also works to improve health habits among Erie County residents. That includes administering grant-funded programs that help residents stop smoking, that work to promote safety, and that aim to ward off chronic diseases.

The Department of Health sponsors a dental clinic, arranges home visits for mothers-to-be, promotes healthy eating, and encourages Erie County residents to get outside.

Did you know? This week, April 3-9, is National Public Health Week.