Clerk of Records

The Clerk of Records offices include the following departments: the Prothonotary, Clerk of the Orphans’ Court, Register of Wills, Clerk of Courts, Recorder of Deeds and Marriage Bureau.

These court-related offices administer, process and manage all criminal cases, including adult and juvenile caseloads, all civil and family court cases including lawsuits, landlord-tenant cases, appeals, judgments, government liens, domestic abuse, custody, divorce, mental health, mortgage foreclosures, many other types of civil cases, mortgages, deeds, satisfactions and other land records, estates, guardianships, adoptions, all other matters handled by the Orphans’ Court division, and marriage licenses.

The offices, which are overseen by Clerk of Records Kenneth Gamble, work closely with the courts, other government agencies and law enforcement to manage the courts’ caseload and collect and account for millions of dollars in funds of the federal, state and local governments. The procedures of the Clerk of Records offices are mandated by many federal, state and local statutes and regulations.

Did you know? The offices under the Clerk of Records have a staff of 43 people.