Director of Administration

The director of administration, who serves immediately under the Erie County Executive, oversees 10 departments and offices in the executive branch.

The departments and offices under the oversight of the director of administration are the departments of Health, Public Safety, Planning, Veterans Affairs, Corrections and Human Services; the Erie County Library; the Public Defender’s Office; and the offices of Procurement and Operations.

The director of administration also promotes efficiency in operations, manages capital projects, acts as a liaison with other elected officials, and represents the county in the community.

Gary Lee has served as director of administration since he was appointed to the position by County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper in 2014.

Did you know? The director of administration oversees approximately 800 employees.

County Executive

The Erie County Executive represents the executive branch of county government. The county executive’s role is to provide visible, visionary leadership for the region, including by collaborating with elected officials and with both public and private partners.

Kathy Dahlkemper, as county executive since 2014, oversees the administration of county departments, makes appointments to county boards and authorities, approves ordinances, and submits an annual operating budget to Erie County Council.

The county executive’s team includes the director of administration; the county solicitor, who handles Right to Know requests; and the directors of Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology.

As the county’s highest ranking elected official, the county executive is ultimately accountable to the citizens of Erie County.

Did you know? Kathy Dahlkemper is the sixth Erie County Executive since the position was created in 1978. Previously, the county operated under a board of elected commissioners.