Department of Human Services – Drug & Alcohol Abuse

The Office of Drug & Alcohol Abuse is one of three divisions of the Department of Human Resources.

The office, which is led by Director Dave Sanner under the oversight of Human Services Director John DiMattio, works to make prevention, intervention and treatment services available to the public. The office assures that prevention programs are in place and advocates for client services by coordinating with other service agencies and systems.

The office, working in collaboration with other county departments, has taken a leadership role in fighting the opioid epidemic, including efforts to educate the public, prevent opioid abuse and overdoses, and help addicts receive treatment.

In 2016, the office performed more than 3,000 substance abuse assessments.

Did you know? The most common drugs of choice among the office’s clients in 2016 were alcohol (29 percent), marijuana (26 percent) and heroin (17.5 percent).