Department of Health – Environmental Health

As part of its mission to protect the health and well-being of all residents, the Erie County Department of Health sponsors an Environmental health division.

The Environmental health division is perhaps best known for inspecting and licensing eating establishments around the county – including restaurants, cafeterias, concession stands, and any place that sells unpackaged food. But the division also inspects public schools, manufactured home parks, campgrounds, and tattoo/piercing establishments, as well as sewage treatment plants and wastewater facilities.

In addition, the division monitors mosquitoes for the presence of West Nile Virus and works to educate the public about ticks that carry Lyme disease. The Environmental division also takes an active role in issues that affect our waterways, such as monitoring for harmful algal blooms and analyzing E. coli levels in beach water.

Did you know? The Erie County Department of Health teamed up with the Erie County Extension to sponsor a pollinator garden outside the ECDH building on West Second Street in Erie.