Human Services – Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities

The Erie County Department of Human Services consists of three offices: Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities; Children and Youth; and Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

The department operates as part of the county executive’s administration and is overseen by the director of administration.

John DiMattio, the director of Human Services, also oversees the Office of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (known as MH/ID).

The MH/ID office acts as the administrator of programs, working to assure that all residents of Erie County receive the mental health and intellectual disabilities services they need. The office also administers programs to offer assistance to the homeless.

As part of the role of administrator, the MH/ID office ensures that programs exist to provide support, treatment, housing, and more for those with mental illness or intellectual disabilities.

Did you know? Last year in Erie County, 21,282 clients received a mental health service, and more than 1,900 individuals with an intellectual disability received services.