Juvenile Probation and Adult Probation

The county’s Juvenile Probation and Adult Probation departments both operate under the oversight of the Court Administration.

The Juvenile Probation division, supervised by Bob Blakely, aims to provide a “balanced approach” to juvenile justice, working to maximize effective supervision of juvenile offenders and reduce delinquent conduct. The department, with 48 county employees, provides intake, detention, court and placement services, as well as electronic monitoring, counseling, drug intervention, and other programs.

The Adult Probation division, under the supervision of Paul Markiewicz, aims to keep the community safe by supervising and operating programs for adult offenders, who have been sentenced by the Erie County Court of Common Pleas to a period of probation and/or parole. The department, which has 73 county employees, also strives to reduce recidivism rates among adults, and works to collect court-imposed fines, fees, costs and restitution that have been imposed on adult offenders.

Did you know? The Adult Probation division has teamed up with other county departments to operate Treatment Courts that aim to address underlying causes of some offenders’ legal issues.